Saachi's Journey

Saachi and Earthly Living: A story rooted in traditions 


If you are someone who knows the sensation that comes from smelling an old book, or running your fingertips on the carved lettering of a grave, or preserving an old transistor - you may enjoy reading how Earthly Living came into being. This is the story of how a girl’s roots in the historical Pink City of India grew deeper with every stage of her life. 

Amid the bustle of a busy tourist city of Jaipur, Saachi found calm in her home - every corner, every piece of which bore the touch of her mother. The comfy couches where she sat chatting up with her siblings to the fragrance that emanated from their living room, her home had a spirit of its own. Little wonder thus that she developed a keen sense of design and aesthetics while growing up and watching her mother who was also a designer. 


But mostly, it was the quintessence of Jaipur - the colors of the culture and dresses, the warmth of the desert sun and the taste of Rajasthan - that invariably found expression in her work. She would go on to pursue her Fashion Retail Management Degree from the United Kingdom before setting up her own Couture Label in Jaipur.   


If as a child and a teen, she touched and felt the charms of Rajasthan in her home, as an adult she had the chance of interacting with the actual makers - the artisans who created magic. She tied up with a few NGOs in the region, completely immersing herself into the world of handmade apparel while supporting the artisan families all along. 


What absolutely encaptured her heart was the openness of these artisans. They have been doing handblock printing, embroidery and crafting for generations, yet they keep an open mind. They loved Saachi’s ideas and her spin to their craft, they embraced innovations to the age-old designs and blocks. Most importantly, Jaipur’s artisans love what they do - a lesson Saachi has made sure she followed to this day. 


So when she settled down in Dubai after falling in love with the man of her dreams, she went exploring. What do people like? Do they appreciate handmade things? She spent a couple of months  just hopping from one shop to another - fashion and interiors, decor, home furnishing and tapestry - taking in the city. 


The color palette got her attention first - blues and grays, a little touch of block print here and there, earthy and subtle colors, homely tones, natural jute even. She discovered that these art forms are welcomed and loved worldwide. She knew she had to start a Home/Decor Design House soon. 


Saachi’s Vision for Earthly Living 

Earthy Living is Saachi’s dream of taking Rajasthani Mughal Design to the rest of the world. The company has given a tangible expression to the artistic side of her - a woman always dreaming of adding heritage to her home. The brand studies and considers global home decor and design trends, gives them its own spin while also remaining true to the Rajasthani roots where most of the products are made. 


Earthy Living, as a brand, promotes sustainable handmade products and actively supports Indian artisans and their families

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