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If you are a seller curating the world’s best handcrafted goods, you have come to the right place. We partner with like-minded people who wish to take handmade products everywhere. Earthy Living offers you an exclusive partnership where your designs or ideas, based on what your customers want, can be incorporated to create a customized collection of products for you. We accept bulk orders from wholesalers in any of our product categories at a reasonable pricing. That means if you wish to modify the design brief/ color or designs of our products, say so, and we will do our best to make them as per your specifications. You get the advantage of bulk pricing while reselling our products under your brand name. It’s  a win-win. 


Explore Earthy Living's Authentic Artisan Products, Experience Bulk Pricing with Unmatched Value, and Make a Meaningful Impact on Artisan Families Worldwide.


The products that we source are from the most authentic artisan groups in India and other places. 


Our bulk pricing will give you the value you are looking for an exclusive range of products. 


In buying from Earthy Living,  you are contributing in impacting the lives of millions of artisan families. 

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Elevate your range of product offerings by curating from Earthy Living’s exquisite collection in loungewear, home decor, cutlery and crockery, bedroom essentials, bath essentials and much more in wholesale pricing.


Here’s how we make your life easy -


  • Easy onboarding via online form 
  • Wholesale pricing 
  • Customizable designs and products 
  • Swatch libraries and merchandising 
  • Top quality products

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